Frequently Asked Questions

Can't the drink cover just be removed by someone?

NoThanks is an effective means to secure your drink for brief periods. However, NoThanks is NOT a reason to leave your drink unattended. It serves as a physical and mental barrier designed to impede someone from dropping pills or powders into a drink. It should be viewed as a superior option to using your hand or a napkin to cover your drink. One never knows what the person next to you might do in a moment of distraction.

Do I require a straw to use NoThanks?

Yes, you do. You can use straws made of paper, plastic, or reusable materials. We also have a stylish stainless-steel straw kit that can be bought together with your NoThanks at a reduced price.

Does NoThanks fit all cups and glasses?

NoThanks is compatible with most cups and glasses. However, it might not fit snugly over smaller drinks or uniquely shaped glasses like a champagne flute. It is designed to fit perfectly over a solo cup.

Are there any other uses for NoThanks?

Indeed! Do you spend substantial time outdoors? NoThanks can keep insects out of your drink. Some of our customers have informed us that they use NoThanks to stop their cats from drinking their beverages and to keep the sand out at the beach.

Is NoThanks reusable?

Absolutely. NoThanks can be utilized multiple times. It's even safe for the washing machine if necessary.

What happens if NoThanks gets wet?

There's no issue! NoThanks is manufactured from a blend of nylon and spandex, akin to a bathing suit material, so it dries very swiftly.

Will my hair get in my drink?

No, it won't. The drink cover is stored in a pocket in the scrunchie. If used correctly, the cover will never come into contact with your hair.

Does NoThanks prevent other liquids from entering my drink?

NoThanks serves as a psychological deterrent against all forms of drink tampering. However, it is primarily recommended for preventing the entry of pills and powders into your drink.