A Little bit about us...


The idea behind No Thanks is based on various experiences of many women who have had very poor experiences in everyday life and during social outings. In a world where nightlife and club visits are a lively expression of joy and liberation, women deserve to enjoy this experience without fear. Therefore, we proudly present the revolutionary, No Thanks hair tie, a groundbreaking accessory that allows women to take control of their safety. The hair tie was developed with innovation and passion for women’s protection, combining style and practicality to create a seamless solution against the intrusion of unwanted substances.

This elegant and trendy hair tie is made of high-quality materials and simultaneously serves as a discreet drink cover, providing women with an impressive tool to protect themselves from potential dangers.

Sustainability is a very important issue in today’s time, which is why our hair tie is washable and reusable. The concept is elegant, simple, and yet remarkably effective. With a gentle twist, the hair tie effortlessly expands so it can enclose any standard size glass or drink container. This practical and easy-to-use mechanism ensures that no unauthorized substances can get into the drink. The hair tie matches any outfit and is available in various colors and patterns. It embodies the spirit of solidarity and self-determination, signaling that women have the right to enjoy their evening without fear.

Our vision is to create a world in which women can dance freely and enjoy the magic of the night without worrying about their well-being. It represents a step towards a safer nightlife culture. Join this movement and redefine what it means to have fun, unburdened by fear and with the certainty that our safety is in our hands. In summary, the No Thanks hair tie is a symbol of strength, solidarity, and female empowerment, offering women the peace of mind they deserve while they enjoy the moments of life.